How to be more productive?

To become more productive, I started watching youtube channels like Ali Abdaal, Thomas Frank etc who will tell you how to get more things done in a given time. I personally felt this doesn’t work for me.

I achieved my productivity mantra when I read One Thing by Garry Keller. It says all great things are achieved by doing one most important things at a time. This resonated me and I implemented it in my routine.

Now, I follow the below steps

  • Create a list of tasks to be done and give a label based on their urgency and impact. So, each task is tagged with any of the following label:
    • Urgent and High Impact (P1)
    • Urgent and Low Impact (P2)
    • Not Urgent and High Impact (P3)
    • Not Urgent and Low Impact (P4)
  • Do the highest priority task first and the others in priority orders
  • Review the list daily: add, edit and delete

My definition of productive is getting important things done.

I sleep for 8 hours, wake up and sleep at the same time, do yoga in the morning and have a walk in the evening. These activities increase my energy by multiple folds. I also spend time thinking about what to work on.