Retention - Current User Return Rate

Studies (Google, Duolingo ) show that CURR (current user return rate) is the most effective metric for measuring retention. In simple terms, the success of a game relies on the percentage of players today who return tomorrow. Here are a few ways to increase this:

Social System

  • Allow users to add friends in the game. Also, send a reminder when any of my friend is playing.
  • If a user is inactive, send a PN saying your friends A, B and C are missing you. Give free chips too.
  • Users should be able to talk with each other using chat, emoticons or voice.
  • Allow users (i.e. friends) to compete with each other using a leaderboard of x days.
  • Allow users to send virtual gifts to their friends.

Celebrate the Return

  • Give a consecutive bonus for when a user play first time during the day.
  • Provide a reason to play each day. For example, you can run Liveops everyday.
  • Offer a free game session everyday. For example, provide free spins in slot, give free game currency day etc.
  • [Multiplayer] Nudge users to play with in game friends with pop-ups.


  • Show personalized sales in the game. It should be a function of my past purchasing habits and my spending pattern. For example, if I use only one currency in a multicurrency game, I should first be offered my favorite currency.
  • Run personalise Liveops to change the habit. For example, if i play for 30 minutes daily, i should be rewarded for playing 36 minutes.
  • Experiment with several template of sales and priorities the template for a user which he likes.
  • Use Missions or Daily Quests to 1) provide free bonus, 2) playing for longer session and 3) trying new meta games.